October 21, 2019

How to study the Bible?

The journey of studying the Bible is unending and full of new enriching experiences. However, reading a Bible is different from studying the Bible. 

Bible is a divine book and thus commands immense respect. Bible has a long history across ages and cultures. The goal of studying the Bible should understanding the message in correct aspect and not misinterpreting it. 

Plan the study of Bible and set what you want to study everyday. Having a plan to learn something different everyday will keep the spark of learning something new everyday. 

Choose a good version of Bible that has been translated from Hebrew and Greek rather than Latin, as it could be incorrect translation. It is important that you read Bible with the attitude of prayer.

It is spiritual food for your soul. Remember you need to pray to God even before you start reading so as you are able to attain spiritual maturity.

Keep in mind that God will reveal the meaning of word to you and you need not interpret the meaning as per your understanding. 

In short God will guide you in the journey of reading the Bible so pray and ask for his guidance with pure heart. Start with John, as it is the easiest Gospel to begin with.

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